Preparing for a Horse Show

Business Tips / Thursday, April 27th, 2017

If you’re planning to take your horse to a horse show then you want to ensure that you’re properly prepared for it. Below are some of the main things you need to take care of.

Preparing your horse

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The first step when preparing for a horse show is to get your horse ready. Below are some of the key areas to focus on –

  • Bathing – When it comes to bathing your horses, it’s a good idea to do it the night before the show. This means you don’t have to worry about doing it on the day of the show and also means that there’s not much time for the horse to get itself dirty beforehand.
  • Clipping – Another key part of preparing your horse is clipping the longer growing hair around the face, ears, throat and muzzle. Clipping your horse’s hair will give it a more defined and pleasing appearance. If you’re planning to do a full body clip then it’s always a good idea to do this a week or two before the show so the natural oils in your horse’s coat are spread out more.
  • Mane & tail – The mane and tail are extremely important parts of your horse’s body to pay attention to when attending a horse show so you should ensure that both are properly washed, brushed and free of knots prior to the show. If your horse has white hair then you might also choose to use a whitening product on them.

Packing supplies

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In addition to preparing your horse, there are also supplies you’ll need to pack for the show. The most important of these are –

  • Food & water for your horse – Shows can be stressful horses so being able to keep a normal feed schedule is important. 
  • Tack – You will of course also need all necessary tack and equipment at the show. A good idea is to make a checklist of everything you need and double check it before you set off.
  • Stall equipment – Exactly what you’ll need to take with you will vary depending on the venue. It’s always a good idea to call beforehand and check what you’ll need.


Lastly but certainly not least is having the proper transportation for your horse. The two main ways to transport a horse to a horse show are by using a horse trailer or a horsebox. Whichever you have you’ll want to take out insurance from a site such as to be fully protected for all risks.